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Tel Aviv is considered one of the most popular cities in Israel, boasting a population of over 400,000 people. It is part of the larger Tel Aviv Metropolitan Area, a region that has over 3 million people living in it, a figure that represents 42% of the population of Israel. The city is awash with elements of culture, architecture and history dating back centuries. Due to its large population, and impressive cultural, architectural and historical setup, Tel Aviv is a wildly popular destination for those from Israel as well as tourists from abroad. Whether you are a resident or a tourist, you will always find the hotel service in this city exceptional. When it comes to service and reliability, the Boutique Hotel stands tall among its peers.

A little about the Boutique Hotel


Conveniently located in an easily accessible area of the city, the Boutique Hotel has established a tradition of flawless service in all it does. We boast a dedicated team of staffers, all the way from chefs to porters and security personnel. Our team has carved out a place of its own when it comes to customer service and professionalism. We seek to serve our customers, and we have perfected the art of ensuring comfort for everyone who has the privilege to dine and wine with us. As one of the leading hotels in the country, we offer diverse services to patrons from all backgrounds. If you are looking for good food and a place to stay, then you are right home with us. We sample a wide range of cuisines from all over the world, and we take pleasure in knowing that we have, in our own small way, made your trip to Tel Aviv worth the while.

Our services

At Boutique Hotel Tel Aviv, we are dedicated towards giving you an exquisite experience when it comes to food, drinks and accommodation. We strive to be the best we do, and we offer the range of services explained below.

· Accommodation

If you are looking for a place to spend a few days, then we have an assortment of suites for you to take your pick. Our rooms are conveniently located, giving you a great view of the rest of the city. We have a selection of places for you to spend your time here, and they range from executive suites to regular rooms. These places are ideal for both single individuals and families, and we have always worked to make the aura in there friendly for everyone. We avail a variety of gadgets and accessories and everything (from LED television screens to hot water faucets) is designed to make your stay comfortable.

· Dining experiences

The Boutique Hotel offers a dining experience like no other. There are large dining halls within our premises, and all are exquisitely laid out during meals to create a serene environment for our diners at all times. Our chefs are great at what they do, and our waiting staff is always pushing to provide the perfect setting for both individuals and families. We have an extensive selection of meals from around the world, so you won’t feel left out regardless of where you come from. Our menu covers pretty much everything, so there is absolutely no chance that you would miss out on your favorite cuisine. We avail an assortment of exotic drinks for you to make your choice and the service is superb.

· Spa

We understand that after a long day here in Tel Aviv, you will need to relax and just let go. We offer extensive spa services, ranging from steam baths to fitness activities and therapeutic massages.

· Children’s facilities

Our staff has always tried to make our services family-friendly, and this goes all the way from our rooms to children’s facilities. If you are travelling with your family, then your young ones get to enjoy the experience of being home away from home. They have access to games equipment and a serene environment to go with.

· Beach

Everybody loves to take a walk in the beach, and it gets even better when that beach is right next to their hotel. Our beach facilities allow you to explore the sands and waters of Tel Aviv. The beach is open to all patrons throughout the day-you will find the sand incredibly soft to tread, the water friendly and the view amazing.

At the Boutique Hotel Tel Aviv, we have made it our mission to ensure your comfort, convenience and safety.

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